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How the right Psychotherapist/Counselor can help you

Let me begin by saying that anyone can say he or she does psychotherapy. This is why it is so important to find someone with solid professional education and experience. Equally important is finding someone who will help you discern what is deeply important to you and support your efforts in moving toward what really matters in your life.

Psychotherapy is about having a relationship with someone who is totally in your corner. The therapist brings knowledge and experience to help you deal with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to address real life situations.

Psychotherapy is a very real process where you are helped to discover and deal with whatever is keeping you stuck and where you receive assistance in making the really difficult decisions about your life. Any underlying sadness or fear that may be contributing to your difficulties is addressed with your therapist. Self Psychology and/or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are the modalities used to assist you in moving toward practical results.

Sometimes you feel drawn toward a goal but also see the difficulties in achieving it. The purpose of psychotherapy is not only to assist you in moving toward the life you desire but also to enhance your self-esteem as you do this. In other words, who you are is considered as well as what you are going to do.

Your psychotherapist should be helpful to you in a very real and concrete way. You should notice an improvement in the way you think, feel, meet life's challenges, and communicate with others. Who you are - what you think, feel, and believe - then becomes connected to how you live your life. Psychotherapy is a truly wonderful and unique experience.

This is the way my clients and I view the psychotherapy process. I help the client discern what is deeply important to them. I help clients understand their strengths, meet their challenges and move toward a future rather than just get over a past.

You may contact me for a telephone screening conversation to see if psychotherapy is appropriate for you. There is no charge for the screening. My office is in Downtown Chicago.

Kathryn C. Keller, LCSW
Downtown Chicago Office