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My name is Kathryn Keller and I have been a psychotherapist and personal life coach for over 20 years. My joy in life is helping people move toward a future, not just get over a past. This page is an overview of my services. I am committed to providing my clients with a counseling experience using in depth practical approaches for enhancing their lives. We move forward with in depth practical approaches to change unhelpful patterns in both the personal and professional areas. Clients work with me to understand themselves and to find practical solutions to their problems. Methods used to reach our goals are taken from self-psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and personal and professional coaching principles. My credentials are LCSW, BCD. I am a licensed clinician in the state of Illinois.

Services Provided to Individual Adult Clients

  • Assess the problem
  • Assist clients in evaluating and reaching their goals
  • Assist clients in finding flexible solutions to their difficulties
  • Facilitate improved understanding of self and self in relationship
  • Move toward resolving personal and professional issues

Who would come to a Therapist/Coach?
People who want counseling or coaching to

  • identify specific goals
  • create specific plans to improve personal performance
  • eliminate procrastination
  • develop and implement an action plan
  • improve communication skills
  • examine and develop strategies to overcome limiting beliefs
  • make better decisions and deal with change
  • enhance their self-esteem
  • prepare for and make career transitions
  • develop their business
  • clarify issues that are standing in the way of their success
  • enhance their self-awareness and understanding of others

We will work on the particular challenges present in your personal
and professional life. Specific and concrete information will be applied
to your situation.

Modalities Used to Assist Clients

  • Education
  • Self-Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Personal and Professional Coaching

Areas of Focus with Clients

  • Life Transitions, Personal and Professional
  • Dealing with loss, sadness, and fear
  • Moving away from feeling stuck and unable to change
  • Self-understanding
  • Beginning, building and maintaining relationships
  • Effective Communication

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Kathryn C. Keller, LCSW
Downtown Chicago Office