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How the right Personal Life Coach can help you

What do you really want in your life? How can you get it? Life coaching comes from an educational model. It is a relationship with a professional trained to help you take specific and concrete action toward reaching your goals.

Through working with me as a life coach, you as a client would receive support, feedback, and structure to learn what is important to you. We would develop a practical strategy for creating possibilities in your life. You would work with me to discover and develop practical solutions to your problems. As part of this process, we would discuss any confusion you may be experiencing in order to help you clarify your values and your goals.

Together we would develop and implement an action plan to enable you to create concrete changes in your life and to assist you in creating the life you choose. We would determine the activities that may help you achieve your goals and then schedule these activities. It is during this part of the process that you receive feedback from the life coach and work with any blocks you may have in doing these activities. Activities would be altered and changed in line with what is comfortable for you. Feedback is given all along the way and may be adjusted and modified at any time.

Clients are helped with the following life challenges

  • Life Transitions, Personal and Professional
  • Dealing with loss, sadness and fear
  • Moving away from feeling stuck and unable to change
  • Self-understanding
  • Beginning, building and maintaining relationships
  • Effective Communication

A good coach will help you think in new ways, offer insight and feedback,
offer support and encourage you to take on new challenges so you can
move toward your vision for a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

You may contact me for a telephone screening conversation.
There is no charge for the screening. I will be happy to answer
your questions and we will discuss whether psychotherapy
and/or personal life coaching or telephone life coaching
is right for you.

Kathryn C. Keller, LCSW
Downtown Chicago Office